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A tool to observe and act before the psychosis strikes.



You are the spouse, mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt or friend.

You are concerned about one relative.


You are a professional who works with youth in the social services or educational network.

You are concerned about the mental health of a young person you know.


You are young and you wonder why your friend, your brother, your sister, or even your classmate behaves strangely.

Less than 30 years old? More information here.

Terms of Use

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About the refer-O-scope

The refer-O-scope is an on-line screening tool for the early warning signs of psychosis that is intended for adults from the general public, family members and loved ones of people who may suffer from psychosis, as well as education professionals or other types of staff who work with at-risk clienteles. The responses you submit to the on-line questionnaire are processed by an algorithm that will issue a recommendation regarding the need for you to consult a mental health professional in a timely manner (find out more about the refer-O-scope).

Liability limitation

Although the algorithm is based on the clinical knowledge of a number of experts who participated in the design of the refer-O-scope as well as on a thorough review of the scientific literature and the results of focus group discussions, this tool has not been subjected to scientific validation in the sense generally recognized in research. As is the case for all information and services provided on the Web site, the refer-O-scope is meant for educational and prevention purposes and may in no case be substituted for a medical evaluation, which includes the advice, diagnosis or treatment of a health care professional. Without limiting the scope of the above, we cannot guarantee or certify the quality, accuracy, comprehensiveness, timeliness, relevance or appropriateness of the information published on the Web site.

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Intellectual property

The intellectual property of the refer-O-scope, and more generally of all the information contained on this site, belongs exclusively to the Société québécoise de la schizophrénie (hereafter referred to as the "SQS"). As a visitor to this site, you receive limited permission to consult and print the information and illustrations contained on this site for personal use only and not for commercial purposes. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior authorization from the SQS.

Data confidentiality

No personal information is required for the use of the refer-O-scope. Moreover, the answers you provide while filling out the questionnaire are not saved on the server. Notwithstanding the above, normal information regarding visits to the Web site (e.g., visitor's IP address, date, time, origin) are collected to establish aggregated traffic statistics for administrative purposes only. Finally, a cookie (which you can delete by clearing your browser cache) is placed on your computer while you fill out the refer-O-scope so that the tool can function properly.

Final provisions

The refer-O-scope is operated by the SQS from its offices located in the province of Quebec, Canada. The laws in force in the province of Quebec govern this agreement as well as any dispute or complaint arising from the use of this site or the information it contains. You accept that any legal action or proceedings related to this agreement or to the use of this site shall be heard only before the courts of the province of Quebec.

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